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Happy Spring!
April 26, 2015
So for brunch, we'll have an English/Scottish/Irish breakfast---they are different in name only, depending on where you happen to be---

Its a full plate of eggs, sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes, and yummy baked beans. I want to add a treat from tea time, much later in the day but oh-so-memorable, scones with homemade lemon curd. So there you have it, a solid start to a warm sunny Sunday xo.

Dutch Baby Brunch with Bacon and Fruit

Lunch, suggested menu

Hungarian Chicken Paprikas …$12
Served w/ Dumplings
Salad and Buttered Roll

Brazilian Street Food…$13
Bowl w. Grilled Steak, Beans, Tomato Salad, Greens, Green Garlic Salad, Fruit & Tortilla

Soup and Sandwich…$12
Served w/ Green Garlic Salad
Seasonal Soup w.  choice of Grilled Sandwich:    
Smoked Gouda w/ Fried Egg    
Tomato Olive w/ Brie    
Roasted Broccoli, Swiss, Mustard    
Fig and Walnut

served w. Garlic Dill Salad and Garlic Roll    
Apple Goat Cheese Walnut     Feta & Black Pepper     Artichoke & Parmesan



Café au Lait…$4 



Coffee of the Day…$2 

Hot Chocolate…$4 

Steamers...$4 Caramel, Buttered Rum, Almond, Frost, Cinnamon

Salty Caramel Hot Chocolate…$5 

Mexican Chili Hot Chocolate…$5 

Coffee w/ Rompope &7 

Irish Coffee $7 

Mimosa (Orange or Apple)…$7 

Spicy Bloody Mary…$7 

Specialty Beers…$4 


Red, White, & Champagne 

Soft Drinks $1.75 

Apple Soda, Coke, Diet Coke,  Lemonade, or Iced Tea 


Omelet w/ Goat Cheese, Apple, & Walnuts
Bacon & Fresh Fruit   $12
“Eggs in the Hole”  $9
French Bread Eggs in the Hole w/ Olive Tomato Saute, Bacon, Doughnuts & Fresh Fruit  $15
Shirred Eggs (baked w/ cream and parmesan)
Served w/ Bacon & Fresh Fruit Doughnuts  $15
Dutch Baby $10
French Bread French Toast w/ Chunky Apple Syrup
Bacon & Fresh Fruit &12
Beignets w/ Fresh Fruit & Bacon $10

Hot Chocolates 

Hot Chocolate $4 

Salty Caramel Hot Chocolate $5 

Mexican Chili Hot Chocolate $5 

Steamers...$4 Caramel, Buttered Rum, Almond, Frost, Cinnamon


Café au Lait $4 

Latte $4 

Mocha $4 

Coffee of the Day $2 

Coffee w/ Rompope (Mexican Cream Liqueur) $7 

Irish Coffee $7 


Mimosa $7---Apple or Orange 

Bloody Mary $7 

PLEASE NOTE:Our Meal Sharing Charge is $3.00 and an 18% Gratuity is added for Groups of 6 or More 

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