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September 14, 2014
Of all the brunches I've made for you, this one is apparently the favorite---people say " remember that one...they get swooney...that one with the fava beans and asparagus? With Mexican green onions and peas? Ah! That one." So we'll have it tomorrow, its called Scafata, topped with fried eggs, we'll have bacon, butter smashed potatoes, Fallon tomatoes with salt---got to enjoy these while we can---fruit and nectarine cobbler! xo

Dutch Baby Brunch with Bacon and Fruit

Summer Vacation!

Ploughman’s Lunch, West Coast Style
Fresh Sauteed Shishito Peppers
Salami, Cheeses, Fresh Fruit, Boiled Egg
Green Garlic Dill Salad & Garlic Roll… $12

Brazilian Street Food…$12
Bowl w. Grilled Steak, Polenta, Tomato Onion Salad,    
Greens & Fried Yucca, Green Salad, Fruit & Tortilla

Comfort Food…$12
Served w/ Green Garlic Salad
Cool Summer Soup w.  choice of Grilled Sandwich:    
Smoked Gouda w/ Fried Egg    
 Tomato Olive w/  Brie

served w. Garlic Dill Salad and Garlic Roll    
Apple Goat Cheese Walnut     Feta & Black Pepper     Artichoke & Parmesan



Café au Lait…$4 



Coffee of the Day…$2 

Hot Chocolate…$4 

Steamers...$4 Caramel, Buttered Rum, Almond, Frost, Cinnamon

Salty Caramel Hot Chocolate…$5 

Mexican Chili Hot Chocolate…$5 

Coffee w/ Rompope &7 

Irish Coffee $7 

Mimosa (Orange or Apple)…$7 

Spicy Bloody Mary…$7 

Specialty Beers…$4 


Red, White, & Champagne 

Soft Drinks $1.75 

Apple Soda, Coke, Diet Coke,  Lemonade, or Iced Tea 


Omelet w/ Goat Cheese, Apple, & Walnuts
Bacon & Fresh Fruit   $12
“Eggs in the Hole”  $9
French Bread Eggs in the Hole w/ Olive Tomato Saute, Bacon, Doughnuts & Fresh Fruit  $15
Shirred Eggs (baked w/ cream and parmesan)
Served w/ Bacon & Fresh Fruit Doughnuts  $15
Dutch Baby $10
French Bread French Toast w/ Chunky Apple Syrup
Bacon & Fresh Fruit &12
Beignets w/ Fresh Fruit & Bacon $10

Hot Chocolates 

Hot Chocolate $4 

Salty Caramel Hot Chocolate $5 

Mexican Chili Hot Chocolate $5 

Steamers...$4 Caramel, Buttered Rum, Almond, Frost, Cinnamon


Café au Lait $4 

Latte $4 

Mocha $4 

Coffee of the Day $2 

Coffee w/ Rompope (Mexican Cream Liqueur) $7 

Irish Coffee $7 


Mimosa $7---Apple or Orange 

Bloody Mary $7 

PLEASE NOTE:Our Meal Sharing Charge is $3.00 and an 18% Gratuity is added for Groups of 6 or More 

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